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Singapore Leaders Network Fellowship


Fellowship Duration
Jan - Sep 2025


Fellowship Fee

The Singapore Leaders Network Fellowship (SGLN Fellowship) is a prestigious leadership development programme for mid-to-senior level Singaporean leaders. It is designed to prepare participants for global leadership roles, with a focus on general management and leadership in a global setting. The SGLN Fellowship is aimed at global-minded Singaporean leaders who have demonstrated leadership success in their careers.

Amazingly impactful and intensive. Never a dull moment with 60 high-performing individuals gathered in a room actively listening, contributing and applying. Leadership is a deliberate and intentional journey, and this programme reminded us that to get to the top, hard work and drive need to be continually injected. I’m proud to have been included in this cohort, and I'm sure we will forge strong ties ahead to cheer and support one another. Kudos again to all the organisers and EDB / HCLI!

Camy Loh

Deputy Managing Director, Royal Vopak


Key Features

  • Annual cohort-based programme commencing in January 2025

  • Programme participants will be addressed and known as SGLN Fellows

  • SGLN Fellows will serve as role models for the wider community through their active participation beyond the events of the programme

  • SGLN Fellows benefit from being part of a lifelong community of Singaporean leaders in global leadership roles, including SGLN Fellows from previous cohorts

  • Admission to the SGLN Fellowship is based on a rigorous application process that includes a video presentation, personal essays, and reference letters

Seven Components


Leadership Training Module

4 days in person



Minimum 5 sessions


Action Learning Project

February to September


Virtual Workshops

3 sessions


Networking Sessions

3 sessions



3 sessions


Overseas Learning Journey 

3 days in person


Strongly Encouraged


Learning Outcomes


Display new perspectives and motivation to seek out regional/global job exposures to prepare for global leadership roles


Embrace a complex and ambiguous environment


Create and leverage networks and communicate with clarity and ‘heart’ for impact



Embrace and manage diversity by being sensitive to the cultural context and exercising cultural flexibility


Overview & Timeline

Overview & Timeline

Key SGLN Fellowship Dates in 2025


Key Learning Elements

Experiential Learning

Interactive and engaging activities that allow participants to learn by doing and reflecting on the experiences

Action Learning Project

Work collaboratively in a diverse team to make an impact on the wider SGLN community

Interactive Lectures

Interact actively and directly with the material through varied learning tasks such as 'reflect-pair-share' and role plays

Discussions / Dialogues

Share and exchange with leaders and trailblazers

Personal / Group Reflections

Reflect, leverage on knowledge, and share insights with fellow participants

Profiling Assessment (Learning Agility)

Shift mindsets and heart sets to be a global leader who is agile, flexible, and embraces diversity

Eligibility & Application

Eligibility & Application

Eligibility Criteria

  • Singapore citizens

  • Currently at a mid-to-senior leadership level

  • Preferably a minimum of 10 years of work experience

  • Executives with identified potential and strong aspirations to take on global leadership roles within the next five years

  • Overseas work experience will be an advantage

  • Open to both company-nominated and self-nominated applicants, with priority given to the former

Commitment Expectations

Attendance Requirements

  • Compulsory attendance at programme launch on 13th January

  • 100% attendance for the 4-day in-person leadership training module from 21st - 24th January

  • A minimum of 5 mentoring sessions in the mentoring programme between March to September

  • Compulsory attendance at the Action Learning Project (ALP) launch on 21st February and group completion of ALP between February to September

  • For the 2025 programme year, attendance for 2 of the 3 virtual workshops is compulsory

  • Attendance at networking events is strongly encouraged

  • Beyond 2025, SGLN Fellows are strongly encouraged to attend at least 2 SGLN Fellowship virtual workshops and/or networking events each year


Accountability Partner / Supervisor Commitment to Support Participant

  • Company-nominated participants are required to secure the commitment of their HR/supervisor to attend the programme launch on 13th January and conduct check-ins with them

  • Self-nominated participants are strongly encouraged to identify an accountability partner to attend the programme launch on 13th January and conduct check-ins with them

Programme Effectiveness Evaluation

  • Company-nominated participants are required to participate in the evaluation of programme effectiveness, and also secure the commitment of their HR/supervisor to do the same

  • Self-nominated participants are required to participate in the evaluation of programme effectiveness

Programme Fee

  • The fee for the nine-month SGLN Fellowship is S$15,000

    • ​The above fee does not include the optional Overseas Learning Journey

Selection Criteria


Current Leadership Performance

Do you exhibit outstanding leadership and work performance?


Global Leadership Potential

Do you have global career ambitions and potential?


Growth Mindset

Do you exhibit a growth mindset to continue learning and growing as a leader?

Do you have potential to give back to the community?


Diversity of Cohort

We are committed to building a diverse community of participants

Application Requirements

  1. Professional details

  2. Video presentation (up to 3 minutes)

  3. Essay questions (two essays up to 300 words each)

  4. Reference letters (two, one from a current/former supervisor and another from someone you have collaborated with on an activity outside work)

1. Professional Details

  • Personal information

  • Professional and work information

  • LinkedIn and CV

2. Video presentation

Up to 3 minutes max

  • Please share with us a video introduction of yourself

  • Please also share what you hope to get out of the SGLN Fellowship

3. Essay questions

Two essays (up to 300 words each)

  1. Let us know why you should be considered for the SGLN Fellowship and what value you can bring to the SGLN Fellowship and the wider community.

  2. Tell us about your personal experience working with a regional or global leader. How did this person make a significant impact on your own professional career and leadership growth?

4. Reference letters


Two reference letters are required from two distinct referees; one from a current/former supervisor; and another from someone you have collaborated with on an activity outside work, who is not personally related to you.


Referees must address the following 2 guiding prompts in their reference letters:


  • Tell us how you know the applicant and in what capacity you have worked with them (e.g., in what role, how many years).

  • From your perspective, does this applicant have the potential to take on a global or regional leadership role within the next five years? Please elaborate and share specific examples of the applicant’s qualities and potential.

Important Application Dates

12th Aug 2024, Monday: Applications Open

11th Oct 2024, Friday: Applications Close

Week of 11th Nov 2024: Successful applicants will be notified via email in that week

By End Nov 2024: Verification of identity and contact details, payment for programme fee made


How many participants is the SGLN Fellowship taking in? 

We aim to have 60 qualified participants.


How will the programme be delivered?

The SGLN Fellowship is a blended learning programme comprising in-person physical and online sessions.

Where will the sessions take place? 

The programme launch and the face-to-face module will take place in Catapult @ 1 Rochester Park, #02-01 Rochester Commons, Singapore 139212. Venues of other sessions will be confirmed at a later date.

How much does it cost to enrol in/for the programme? 

There is a S$15,000 programme fee for participants to enrol in the programme. The fee does not include the optional Overseas Learning Journey.


Do I receive a certificate upon completion? 

Yes, upon successful completion of the programme in end-September 2025, participants will receive a certificate of completion as long as they have fulfilled the requirements of the programme.

What happens if my company's regional or global roles are not available, are there other opportunities for me?

The SGLN Fellowship is a holistic leadership development programme. We cannot guarantee that by participating in this programme, you will automatically be eligible for such opportunities within your company. We strongly encourage that you have these conversations with your HR and/or your supervisor.


Who can I contact for further information/assistance?

You can contact us at and a representative of the team will get back to you accordingly.


Who should be applying for the SGLN Fellowship?

If you are a mid-to-senior level leader who is a Singaporean citizen aspiring to get into a global leadership role within 5 years, this programme is for you.

I am an overseas-based Singaporean citizen who is very keen to participate in the SGLN Fellowship. Can I apply for the programme, and do I have to be in Singapore physically to enrol in it?

You need not be based in Singapore but attendance for some of the modules as indicated on the website are mandatory and will require travel to Singapore for those dates.


How does SGLN define "global leadership"?

For the purposes of the SGLN Fellowship, global leadership roles are broadly defined as roles that involve managing a regional or global function or business.


How will the profiling assessment be used?

The profiling assessment is for your own self-development and will not be made available to your organisation. You are encouraged to use the assessment report in your conversations with your mentor to draw up personalised development plans.


Can I opt out of the mentoring component of the SGLN Fellowship?

No. Participation in the mentoring component as a mentee is compulsory.

Do I get to choose my mentor/mentee? 

No, but you will be given the option to indicate your preferences, and more details will be shared during the programme itself, before the launch of the mentoring component in March 2025. 


If I do not see eye to eye with my assigned mentor/mentee, can I request for a change of mentor/mentee halfway?

The pairing will be done with due consideration to the mentee’s developmental needs. However, in the event that the relationship remains untenable, a request for a change will be considered subject to mentors’ availabilities.


What is an action learning project?

An action learning project is a collaborative, problem-solving process that involves a small group of people working together to address a real-world problem/need. For the context of the SGLN Fellowship, the goal of the action learning project is to learn and grow as individuals and as a team, while also making a positive impact on the wider SGLN community.

Can I choose the team members of my Action Learning Project?

No. These Action Learning Projects will mirror the diversity of the real-world workplaces in these global/regional teams. This will be an opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills from the programme topic on “cultural flexibility” to work effectively with your assigned teams.


Why are there check ins with my supervisor/HR?

The check ins are opportunities for you to share with your supervisor/HR how you have benefited from the programme, secure their support, and remove barriers (if any) to apply what you have learnt at your workplace.

As an individual participant, who should be my accountability partner?

Your accountability partner should ideally be a senior leader in your current organisation who works with you.

What happens if I am not a company-sponsored participant? How will these check ins work?

You can have these conversations with your accountability partner. You can also raise the challenges you have faced in applying your learning to a neutral third party, like your mentor, for guidance!

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Watch this space to stay updated when registration opens in August 2024!

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