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August 2023


SGLN 1st Anniversary Celebration

The Singapore Leaders Network celebrated a momentous year with prominent Singaporean business leader Mr. Ho Kwon Ping, Founder and Executive Chairman of Banyan Tree Holdings, as our inspiring keynote speaker. We enjoyed an evening of learning and networking as we also shared some of the milestones we've achieved over the past year, and highlighted some of the plans ahead. 

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Past Events

July 2023

Going Global

Taking Flight

An evening of thought-provoking discussions and world cafe-style dialogues that featured professionals who have already embarked on successful international stints. Participants got to explore both the opportunities and challenges of working overseas, understand more about cross-cultural immersion experiences, and expand their professional horizons.

June 2023

Going Global


Positive Work Culture

Leading with Empathy

An interactive evening featuring table discussions with leaders, as well as a distinguished panel, where we discussed the importance of promoting mental well-being in the organisational setting and how we could best implement policies that support this.

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April 2023


The Value of Community

An interactive evening that featured a panel of outstanding community leaders, each of whom shared about the value of community in developing their leadership journey. Participants learnt how to unlock the potential of their own community to help support their global leadership aspirations.

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March 2023

Going Global

Global Mindsets

Our diverse panellists with regional experiences shared personal anecdotes on how they developed their global mindsets. Participants learnt about cultural intelligence and cross-cultural collaboration, gained tips on adapting to work in new cultural environments and managing regional teams, and heard insights on striking a balance between localization, global ideas and the importance of diversity for high-performing teams.

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February 2023



Elevating ESG as Organisation Leaders

The interactive panel workshop gave participants the opportunity to understand and appreciate the nature of ESG-related risks that organisations could encounter, as well as gain concrete ideas of how leaders can take actionable steps to move sustainability issues forward in the ESG landscape.

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January 2023

Going Global


Leading Beyond Barriers

As our workplaces have transformed rapidly in the last few years, more questions are being raised on how we can truly practice "Inclusion" as part of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), particularly for persons with disabilities (PWDs). The panel session addressed why PWD allyship by Singaporean leaders is important to truly create an inclusive, sustainable, and accessible workplace for all.

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November 2022

Going Global


Asian Leadership

Today, more Asian leaders are managing international businesses in their local countries. To prepare for these expanded roles, we hosted a workshop conducted by Kenneth Chan, a seasoned Singaporean leader with 30 years of hands-on experience in Fortune 500 companies, where he shared his personal experiences and his journey to the top as McDonald’s CEO for China and Division President for the Greater China region.

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September 2022

Positive Work Culture

Designing Your Work Life

We believe that leaders today can empower themselves and their organisations – by helping their teams to reframe, innovate and thrive. This workshop with Bill Burnett took participants through a simple framework and tools to apply design principles of iteration and prototyping to find alignment between work and their goals in life – and to find joy in one’s work.

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July 2022


Growing Through Mentors

As we launched the inaugural SG Leaders Network Mentoring Programme, participants got to hear from Mr Alvin Tan, Minister of State for Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Ministry of Trade and Industry on his personal mentoring experiences. Senior corporate leaders were also invited to share “the good, the bad and the ugly” about mentoring, as well as provide tips on how to prepare oneself as a mentor/mentee.

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