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Our Community Odyssey: Welcoming 2024 with SGLN

Wednesday, 25th January 2024


About The Event

We hosted our first community event of the year with an immersive 'open space technology' experience last Thursday evening facilitated by our dynamic facilitators Dr. Swapna Dayanandan from the SGLN Team, as well as Roshini Ganesan and Meenakshi Sarup from The Change Business.

Attendees were greeted by an unusual circular seating arrangement designed to allow everyone a chance to feel part of the experience. Open space technology (OST) is a method of running large group events around a central topic where participants create the agenda themselves. While technology is in the name, there is no use of technology. Instead, pen and paper ruled the evening and participants were engaged in a highly participatory, inclusive and collaborative manner.

The event was dedicated to fostering diverse discussions and ground-up conversations on how to develop a dynamic and self-sustaining SGLN community. We thank all attendees for being so game to participate and share freely their ideas and suggestions. We have a lot of work ahead to put some of these into action.
This event epitomises the n
ature of how we work together with and for our open community through our 3 L's, which is to:

  • Lead - fostering opportunities for our community to come together to lead and champion topics they are passionate about.

  • Learn - coming together to learn about one another's motivations, interests, and commonalities in relation to our mission at SGLN.

  • Link - connecting with one another and creating clusters of networks to stir collaboration, conversations, and community action.

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Key Moments

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About the Singapore Leaders Network

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Supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and managed by the Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI), the Singapore Leaders Network (SGLN) aims to prepare Singaporeans for global leadership roles. We aspire to help advance the social capital of Singaporean corporate leaders who can support one another on their professional and personal leadership journeys - whilst cultivating a vibrant and robust community. This is achieved through activities that enable members to learn, lead, and link including through large scale in-person events, smaller business networking sessions on various topics of interest, a structured mentoring programme, an Ambassador programme, as well as an online LinkedIn community.




Roshini Ganesan
Managing Partner, The Change Business

Roshini has been in corporate training for over 23 years and trained in over 10 countries. Prior to training she was in Corporate Communications which included a stint as Press Officer for Singapore General Hospital. Often complimented for her energy, enthusiasm and engaging style, she has been effectively skilling people in the areas of New and Middle Manager Development (LIFT™), Business Communication, Customer Service, and EQ.

Roshini is licensed and accredited to train a variety of workshops and has been instructed in the group facilitation process of Open Space Technology and in Interactive Training Strategies by the renowned Dr Thiagi of The Thiagi Group Inc.

Roshini is a Professional member to the Asian Professional Speakers Singapore (APSS) where she also served on the Executive Committee (EXCO). In the past she has won top awards in speaking contests organized by Toastmasters International, here in Singapore and in Malaysia.

Having lived, studied and worked in the United Kingdom and United States, Roshini currently resides in the vibrant city of Singapore with her husband and 17-year-old son, who is a theatre professional and future rock star.  Much to her delight!


Dr. Swapna Dayanandan
Programme Design Consultant for SGLN, Human Capital Leadership Institute

Dr. Swapna is the Programme Design Consultant to SGLN, HCLI. She is CEO and Founder of Joy in Living Aged Care Services Pte Ltd, a startup providing geron-technology and eldercare innovative solutions to tackle the ageing opportunities in Singapore and globally.

Prior to starting her company, Dr. Swapna was in management role with the Civil Service College, Singapore (CSC). Her portfolio included leading teams and providing advisory support for service management consultancy projects, designing and curating milestone programmes for the public service leadership team since July 2013. 

Dr. Swapna is a board member of Sree Narayana Mission, Singapore (SNM) that does charity in the eldercare sector. Swapna was the President of SNM from 2011 – 2015; having served maximum four years (two terms of two-year term) as stipulated in the Constitution of the organisation. She currently chairs two SNM sub-committees: Smart Nursing Home Taskforce and Eldercare Services Management Sub-committee.

Dr. Swapna is currently involved in Smart Cities Network’s (SCN) outreach in ASEAN. She is the chairperson of Healthcare Workgroup, SCN. She is currently working on a Smart and Sustainable Iligan City Project in the Philippines that involves both onsite and offsite consultancy support.

Inspired by her volunteering stint at SNM, Dr. Swapna pursued a Ph.D. programme in Gerontology with the Singapore University of Social Sciences, and was awarded a doctorate degree recently. She is also the recipient of two National Day Awards: The Commendation Medal, 2018, and the Long Service Medal, 2021.

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