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Taking Flight

Hosted jointly by the Singapore Leaders Network and SINDA Youth Club (SYC)

Thursday, 13th July 2023

About The Event

We had the privilege of hosting an evening of thought-provoking discussions on the tremendous opportunities that lie beyond our local shores. In collaboration with the SINDA Youth Club (SYC) Young Adults Community, we brought together experienced facilitators who have embarked on successful international stints to share their insights and stories.  

Our participants had the opportunity to gain a clearer understanding of the considerations around working abroad and know more about the resources and tools available for them to pursue overseas experiences. They were also able to connect with like-minded individuals who could support them in their overseas pursuits.


Key Takeaways

1️⃣ Embrace the Power of Risk-Taking: As Singaporeans, we often lean towards risk aversion. However, the first step towards any significant endeavour is always the hardest. So, embrace ambition and remind yourself that taking risks is an investment in your personal and professional growth. Though sacrifices may be required, venturing overseas opens doors to new opportunities waiting to be seized. 
2️⃣ Be prepared:
"Taking Flight" marked the first step for our participants in connecting with people who can assist them on their global journey. Besides handling logistics prior to moving abroad, it's essential to consider three key pillars for a smooth transition: your company, the job, and the destination country. 
3️⃣ Embrace resilience:
When you find yourself in a new environment with a different culture, resilience becomes your ally. Our facilitators unanimously emphasised that more individuals regret not seizing overseas opportunities than those who regret taking the leap. Be resilient, adapt, and uncover the immense personal and professional growth that awaits you by going overseas.

Key Moments

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About the Singapore Leaders Network

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Supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and managed by the Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI), the Singapore Leaders Network (SGLN) aims to prepare Singaporeans for global leadership roles. We aspire to help advance the social capital of Singaporean corporate leaders who can support one another on their professional and personal leadership journeys - whilst cultivating a vibrant and robust community. This is achieved through activities that enable members to learn, lead, and link including through large scale in-person events, smaller business networking sessions on various topics of interest, a structured mentoring programme, an Ambassador programme, as well as an online LinkedIn community.

About SINDA Youth Club

Set up in 2010, SINDA Youth Club is youth led and aims to develop leadership capabilities of Indian youths and elevate them to opportunities at a national level. The club empowers youth through various initiatives and enables them to identify and act on the aspirations of the community and the nation. SYC aspires to be an inclusive space for all Indian youth to discover who they are, what they stand for and to grow into their better selves. Their programmes provide opportunities for youth to discover their purpose and strengths and contribute to the causes and communities they care about. More information about SYC can be found on their LinkedIn page here.

Featured Facilitators

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Sue Anne Tay
Managing Director, Chief of Staff & Head of Strategy
HSBC Singapore

Sue Anne Tay is part of the Executive Committee at HSBC, bringing close to 15 years of valuable experience to the table. With a strong focus on driving HSBC's pivot to Asia strategy, she played a pivotal role in designing the Singapore strategy as part of HSBC’s pivot to Asia. Having worked in London as Director with the Group Strategy team and in Shanghai, where she helped drive the bank’s  organic business strategy, Sue Anne's expertise extends across different markets. Her impressive background includes positions at Lehman Brothers in New York, UBS in Hong Kong, and the Centre for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) in Washington D.C. Sue Anne is also a World Economic Forum (WEF) Young Global Leader and an Asia Fellow of the Schmidt Futures International Strategy Forum. 

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Victor Tay
Chief Executive Officer
Global Catalyst Advisory / Stout Investment Banking

Victor Tay is the CEO of Global Catalyst Advisory, Group CEO of RHT Consulting Asia and a Regional Managing Director within the Investment Banking group. With a wealth of knowledge in investment banking, strategy consulting, and economic development, Victor has guided numerous Asian companies through successful IPOs. His influential roles including UN Global Compact to Enterprise Singapore have solidified his expertise in sustainable development and future technology trends. Victor's academic achievements include degrees from Harvard University and the University of Oxford, with the honour of a doctorate from the Chartered Institute of Digital Economy in the United States. 

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Anu Shenoy
Veira Life 

Anu is the Co-founder of Femtech startup Veira Life. With a computer engineering background and an INSEAD MBA, Anu has spent the past two decades leading global teams across multiple countries. With a diverse career spanning the tech, banking, and energy sectors, she has held various roles encompassing software development, project and account management, strategy consulting, leadership consulting, and business excellence. Anu's passion for innovation and entrepreneurship led her to co-found Femtech. Having lived in the UK, France, and now in Singapore, she brings a wealth of cross-cultural experience to the table. 

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Sharmishta S.
Strategy Consultant | EY-Parthenon
Head | SINDA Youth Club (SYC) Young Adults Community

Sharmishta, a proud global Singaporean, has immersed herself in diverse cultures across the Middle East, Western Europe, North America, South, and Southeast Asia. Her deep-rooted passion for global governance, sustainable development, and macroeconomics has shaped her career in public-private cooperation, public policy design, and youth engagement. Sharmishta's previous roles in the Government of Singapore, as well as her experience at organisations like the World Economic Forum and the United Nations, have honed her expertise in driving impactful change. Sharmishta is currently serving as a strategy consultant at EY-Parthenon. 

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Nadir Zafar
Chief Experience Officer
Human Capital Leadership Institute 

Dr. Nadir Ali Zafar is Chief Experience Officer (CXO) of the Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI), and the Director of the Singapore Leaders Network. With an extensive career journey that includes being a founding leader and Chief Operating Officer of a UAE-based education technology company, Alef Education, Nadir spearheaded the company's expansion into Asia and successfully launched new ventures. A proud Singaporean, Nadir's leadership extends beyond his professional roles, as he has served on the Board of a London-listed global education company, held the position of President at the Singapore Business Council in UAE, and actively engaged as an alumni leader. Nadir has over 20 years of experience across UAE, India, Thailand, and Singapore.

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Jerrica Chooi
Country Holding Officer
ABB Singapore

Jerrica Chooi brings over 26 years of extensive general management and financial stewardship experience across Asia Pacific, South Asia, Middle East, and the USA. As the Country Holding Officer of ABB Singapore, she holds dual roles as Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer (CFO). Prior to ABB, Jerrica was the Group Financial Controller at Sembcorp Industries for a year and spent 17.5 years at United Technologies Corporation, assuming progressive finance leadership and compliance roles. She is a Chartered Accountant of Singapore, a Certified Internal Auditor, and graduated with Honors in Bachelor of Accountancy from Nanyang Technological University. Jerrica also holds an Executive MBA from the University of Connecticut School of Business, USA. 

Jerrica - ABB background white-2023 -HiRes.jpg
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Ashwath Ramesh 
Chief Operating Officer APAC
Vestiaire Collective

Ashwath is currently the Chief Operating Officer APAC at Vestiaire Collective, a global leader in second-hand luxury ecommerce. Prior to this, Ashwath spent 8 years at Lazada, where he was Group Executive Vice President. He ran the Transportation business across Southeast Asia and led Indonesia's logistics operations as CEO. On top of his expertise in ecommerce, he has gained valuable experience in Private Equity and Technology Consulting. Ashwath has lived and worked in India, USA, Europe, Indonesia, Singapore. His extensive business travels to Europe, Korea, Hong Kong, China, Japan, and other SEA countries further enrich his understanding of international markets. Ashwath is also married with two children.

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Ethan Pang (Zhihui) 
Procurement Operations Manager
HP Inc.

Ethan Pang is a Procurement Operations Manager at HP Inc and an ambassador of the Singapore Leaders Network. He boasts a wealth of experience from working in both startup ventures and global multinational corporations. His professional journey has led him to diverse locations, including Shanghai and Israel, where he has garnered invaluable international exposure. Ethan's extensive range of experiences has equipped him with a profound understanding of navigating diverse cultural contexts, adapting to different stages of companies, and implementing varied business strategies.  

Ethan Pang (Zhi Hui).jpeg
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Wai Oon Lam
Executive Coach
KLC International Institute

Wai Oon is an experienced coach and consultant with over 30 years of experience specialising in talent and leadership development. He has worked with clients worldwide, including Africa, North America, Asia, and Europe. Wai Oon's impressive career encompasses grassroots youth leadership training, as well as over 27 years in senior management roles at renowned companies like Compaq, Hewlett Packard, and Dell. He has spent more than 17 years living and working in Taipei, Taiwan, where he successfully collaborated and led multinational teams across the United States, Singapore, Taiwan, and China. 

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Luo Chen Jun (CJ) 

As the founder of Antler, CJ is a dedicated individual with a strong passion for social impact and community empowerment. With a background in business and political science, CJ combines his academic knowledge with his practical experience to drive positive change in creating a more inclusive and equitable society. Through his active involvement in organisations such as the Singapore Leaders Network and the SG Mental Well-Being Network, CJ has played a key role in fostering dialogue, raising awareness, and implementing programs that promote mental health and well-being among individuals and workplaces.

Junjia Luo.png
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Lee-Mey Goh 
Senior Director, Strategic Partnerships & Development 
The American Chamber of Commerce in Singapore

Lee-Mey Goh is the Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships and Development at The American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) in Singapore, where she is responsible for driving the Chamber's overall business performance and advancing stakeholder and partnership engagement. She joined from the Singapore Economic Development Board where she played a key role in promoting investment and policy innovation in the biomedical sector. She began her career in London, living nearly 10 years in the UK and serving as as an Editor at the British Medical Association and Mark Allen Group. 

Lee-Mey Goh (1).jpg
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Catalina Castillo 
LM Instruments S.A.

Catalina Castillo is a highly accomplished professional in the medical device industry, with expertise in commercial marketing, sales management, and new product development. As one of the owners of LM Instruments, Colombia's largest medical device distribution company, Catalina has been instrumental in driving its growth and success. With a strong background as an experienced commercial marketing director and new product development specialist, she has gained valuable international experience by working across various regions and markets. Catalina holds a Bachelor's degree in Entrepreneurship from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT).

Catalina Castillo (1).png
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