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SGLN Mentoring Programme

We would like to share that our popular SGLN Mentoring Programme is now integrated into the newly launched SGLN Fellowship.


For more information about the SGLN Fellowship, please click here.

We are working hard behind the scenes to enhance the impact of mentoring within the larger SGLN community at scale. We encourage you to stay tuned by joining us as a SGLN member if you have not already, and watch this space for future updates and announcements.

Mentoring Programme Overview

The Singapore Leaders Network (SGLN) Mentoring Programme aspires to support the personal and professional growth of Singaporean leaders. Through mentoring, we hope to create meaningful 1:1 connections between network members, and help them develop their social capital in the process.  

Programme Outline

This is a structured mentorship programme that SGLN has successfully ran twice from Juy 2022 to September 2023. Mentors and mentees meet over 3 sessions minimally, with check-ins taking place at the start and end of the programme.

Mentee Profile

We welcome mentees from all industries – we are looking for mentees who are willing to get out of their comfort zones, take reasonable risks and take responsibility for their own learnings and career paths. Effective mentees are open minded, motivated and committed.


Ideally, you would have worked minimally for 2 years or more and are looking to be mentored in the following topic areas:  

  • Developing Global Mindsets / Working Abroad – Managing regional/global teams; developing global business acumen; intercultural empathy; considerations and preparations for overseas postings.

  • New Roles / Jobs / Career Transition – Developing career paths; transitioning into leadership roles; leadership skills; soft skills; work-life integration; networking.

  • Women in Leadership – Breaking barriers; agency; authenticity; connections; confidence; sponsorship; negotiations.

  • Innovation – Sparking innovation in teams; driving an innovative culture; entrepreneurship; collaboration; co-creation.

Why be a Mentee?

Mentoring is a special partnership between two people based on commitment to the mentoring process, common goals/expectations of the partnership, and mutual trust and respect. It is a “get and give” experience with the goal of providing a rich and rewarding experience for both.

As a mentee, you get to take charge of your own personal/professional development with the benefit of a mentor who will share their personal experiences, insights, and perspectives. Other benefits can include: 

  • Developing a sharper focus on where you need to grow professionally

  • Developing yourself as “learner”

  • Developing communication skills

  • Learning from someone who is more experienced

Thank you for your interest in our mentoring programme. Registrations for the programme are now closed. We appreciate the overwhelming response we have received.

Keep an eye out on this space and stay connected with us for future opportunities.

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About the Singapore Leaders Network

​Supported by the Singapore Economic Development Board (EDB) and managed by the Human Capital Leadership Institute (HCLI), the Singapore Leaders Network (SGLN) aspires to help advance the social capital of Singaporean corporate leaders who can support one another on their professional and personal leadership journeys - whilst cultivating a vibrant and robust community. This is achieved through mentoring, large scale in-person events, smaller business networking sessions on various topics of interest, as well as an online LinkedIn community.




The mentorship programme takes place over 6 months (April to September 2023). Mentoring pairs are expected to commit to at least 3 sessions, with each lasting at least 45 minutes. Further meetings will be at the discretion of both the mentor and mentee.

Ideally, the best mentoring relationships carry forward beyond the end of the formal programme commitments!


The application period for this run of the mentoring programme will close on 6pm (Singapore Time), Tuesday, 04 April 2023. We expect the mentoring sessions will take place from end of April 2023 onwards.


We will connect you both via email. Meetings should be arranged between mentor and mentee at a time of their convenience. Ideally, meetings should be arranged in a neutral space with minimum distractions.

Download the full list of FAQs (in PDF form) below:

For mentors, click here; and for mentees, click here.

us for further enquiries.

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